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Bruno Samele e Giuseppe Scaramuzzi

Strunal Schönbach is a traditional manufacturer of stringed musical instruments, operating in the region of master violin makers with more than 300 years of tradition. It is located in Luby, originally called Schönbach, in West Bohemia.

For decades, the company has been producing traditional, manufactory string instruments made of precious resonance wood, giving the instruments a premium quality sound. The assortment consists of violins, violas, villoncellos, double basses and guitars, as well as unique masterpieces designed not only for passionate players and collectors. .

The company has been a purely Czech company throughout its existence and at present it is also one of the last local producers of stringed musical instruments, which produces instruments in 100% in the Czech Republic. Many of the employees have been part of the company for over 35 years, sharing experience from generation to generation.

Strunal Schönbach has the greatest success especially in foreign markets, where it competes not only with Asian producers. It focuses mainly on markets in North America (Canada, USA, Mexico), Russia, Germany, Poland, China and Japan.