Artists and pedagogues of the 29th IGF Brno‘ 20:

Marcin Dylla (Poland) – one of the best guitar performers and teachers in the world. He is currently professor at the at the Music Academy in Katowice, he won up to 30 international guitar competitions.

Zoran Dukic (Croatia) – Zoran Dukić is one of the most distinguished classical guitarists of our time.

Milan Kašuba (Czechia) – jazz guitar.

Raul Mannola (Spain)– flamenco guitar. One of the top flamenco guitar players.

Vladislav Bláha (Czechia)– associate professor of Janacek Academy of Music and Conservatory in Brno, winner of 4 international competitions, the first Czech guitarist, who played in Carnegie Hall in New York.

Tali Roth (USA) – professor of the Julliard School of Music in New York City – one of the most significant music schools in the world. Prizewinner in several competitions, and gives regulary concerts all over the world.

Luciano Tortorelli (Italy) – Italian concert performer and pedagogue of classical guitar.

Zdeněk Dvořák (Czechia)– teacher of the International Conservatiore and of the Music School in Prague, music director.

Irina Kircher & Alfonso Montes (Germany, Sweden) – The German guitarist Irina Kircher and the Venezuelan guitarist-composer Alfonso Montes, made their debut as a duo in 1984.