International guitar competition GUITARTALENT‘ 20

International guitar competition GUITARTALENT‘ 20


Many talented guitarists performed at the GUITARTALENT ’20 international guitar competition, which took place in parallel with the guitar festival (3rd and 4th: 8th), and demonstrated their interpretive skills at a high level. Even in this year’s 16th year, it was not easy for the jury to choose between the individual competitors. However, here you can see the results of the competition of individual categories:

Guitartalent Junior

1st: Kamil Aniol (Poland)
2nd: Marie Balcarová (Czech Republic)
3rd: Alexander Aniol and Oktawia Bujnowicz Poland)

Honorable mentions: Jan Markowski and Oliwia Lis (Poland)

Competition jury: Luciano Tortorelli – chairman of the jury (Italy), Giuseppe Chiaramonte (Italy), Zdzislaw Musial (Poland), Jiří Tomášek 0nda Vladimír Novotný (Czech Republic)


1st: Kacper Dworniczak (Poland)
2nd: Oleg Sergeev (Czech Republic)
3rd: Natalia Dancura (Poland)

Honorable mentions: Ivan Gulai (Ukraine), Mateusz Gniewek (Poland) and Davide Filippo Zampaglione (Italy)

Competition jury: Štěpán Rak – chairman of the jury (Czech Republic), Luciano Tortorelli, Giuseppe Chiaramonte (Italy), Zdzisław Musial (Poland) and Jiří Tomášek (Czech Republic)


Guitartalent Junior category

For guitarists born in 2002 and later
Date: 4. 8. (Aug 4th ) 2020

a) Piece from the classical or romantic period
b) Free piece of participant ‘ s choice
Time for both a) and b) is limited to 10 minutes.
Competition fee : 30 EUR.

Kategorie BRNO – TOKYO

without age limit
Date: 3. 8. – 4. 8. (Aug 3rd – Aug 4th ) 2020

First row, 3. 8. 2020
a) Free piece by J.S. Bach
b) Free piece of participant ‘ s choice
Time for both a) and b) is limited to 10 minutes.
Competition fee: 50 EUR.

Second row, 4. 8. 2020
a) Piece from the Classical period
b) Free piece of participant ‘ s choice
Time for both a) and b) is limited to 14 minutes.


  • Guitar by Felix Müller*
  • Guitar by Jan Schneider
  • Guitar by Paco Castillo
  • Solid termo case by IKA
  • Guitar support by EFEL
  • string boxes SAVAREZ
  • CD’s
  • Czech – glass fingernail files SOFIT
  • many others

The winner of the competition will advance to the final row of the J.S.Bach Competition in Tokyo, April 2021.

Applications open

Artists and pedagogues of the 29 th IGF Brno‘ 20:

Milan Kašuba (Czechia) – jazz guitar.

Kryzstof Nieborak

Marcin Dylla (Poland) – one of the best guitar performers and teachers in the world. He is currently professor at the at the Music Academy in Katowice, he won up to 30 international guitar competitions.

Eduardo Fernández (Uruguay) – one of the leading top guitarists, winner of important competitions. He has been teaching at the Univerzity in Montevideo.

Štěpán Rak (Czechia) – first professor of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, leading guitar composer, teacher and performer.

Raul Mannola (Spain)– flamenco guitar. One of the top flamenco guitar players.

Maria Linnemann (Germany) – one of the most appreciated pedagogues in the world. She has been composing over 600 pieces which were published in many coutries.

Vladislav Bláha (Czechia)– associate professor of Janacek Academy of Music and Conservatory in Brno, winner of 4 international competitions, the first Czech guitarist, who played in Carnegie Hall in New York.

Tali Roth (USA) – professor of the Julliard School of Music in New York City – one of the most significant music schools in the world. Prizewinner in several competitions, and gives regulary concerts all over the world.

Eudoro Grade (Portugal) – leading Portuguese guitarist and pedagogue. He currently teaches at Conservatory in Faro and in Portimão.

Luciano Tortorelli (Italy) – Italian concert performer and pedagogue of classical guitar.

Igor Shoshin (Belarus)– popular Belarusian composer and guitar pedagogue, who especially focuses on the improvisation field.

Zdeněk Dvořák (Czechia)– teacher of the International Conservatiore and of the Music School in Prague, music director.

*Because of complications with guitar transport from Japan conected with Virus Covid 19 epidemy will be the main guitar prize by German talented guitar maker Felix Müller  (the son of famous guitar maker Tony Müller).

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